Lovebox Festival

  • Gaby Whitehill
  • Harvey Ball

Thanks to its 14 years as one of London's best festivals, Lovebox already had a distinctive voice and place on the scene. I was tasked with moving its image forward for new audiences, and developing its voice and presence across social media platforms.

Lovebox is active across four platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. It was my responsibility to keep all of them active, showcasing Lovebox's 'voice' and forging an identity for the brand.
Facebook and Twitter were used to keep fans updated with announcements and news from the festival, whilst our Instagram and Tumblr were primarily used as mood boards and inspiration feeds that reflected the Lovebox look and feel.
As well as the more creative aspects of the job, I also dealt with the practicalities. I frequently used CMS in order to update the official website with new lineup additions and blog posts.
I also took on something of a customer service role in dealing with customers and answering their queries on Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, this increased significantly closer as the festival got closer.
On the weekend of the festival, I managed a social media team consisting of roaming photographers and interns to collect a variety of content to showcase the festival in realtime on our social media platforms, and amass material for the next year's campaign.