LSD Studio is a design studio specializing in retail solutions. Provide 360 degree support. LSD uses an anecdotal language in PR communications. The design process of their studio is a pure formality. They care about their customers like an exclusive design clinic. At the same time they have a footloose imagination. The meeting of LSD Studio and JEST Studio has resulted in a wonderful and unusual project. LSD Studio was chosen for the biggest retail trade fair in the world - Euroshop Fair, organised every four years. They asked us to create promotional materials that they could be presented for prospective customers.
The whole was an extension of the existing studio identification. We have designed a versatile paternity-related op-art design. We have produced an exclusive packet with special emblem imprinted on it, inspired by the work of the popular 70's Earth Wind and Fire. Vip boxes were made in 21 copies, each numbered and marked with a special inscription. For the box we also created material printed with graphical patterns. All prints were ennobled and the medium was printed in white on decorative paper. We attach great importance to the quality of workmanship and precision, presenting sample material suppliers and prototype boxes.
Together we worked out the concept of the box with LSD inside. Stylized on the pharmaceutical packaging, it contained a mini-store drawer in the middle and a pharmaceutical leaflet with a range of company activities. Two packaging lines have emerged: the basic line and the premium line for selected groups of consumers. We have designed icons defining the fields of the company's activities. JEST STUDIO was a catalyst (fire). The time of design was very short, but we have dealt with the whole process from concept to production and delivery of ready-made solutions.
The unique complement of the box were chocolates made on order in 5 flavors. Each of them had a separate sticker that depicts mimicry from satisfaction to surprise. Portfolio printed on uncoated paper, laminated (glued together with layers of paper to obtain the appropriate thickness and strength). Business cards were printed in four patterns of fronts and two patterns of back (obverse and reverse). At the back of the business card is a convex pattern, applied to the rest of the materials.


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