Luke Irwin - The Tale Of The Deverill Villa

  • Al Hutchison
Picture this. You’re a luxury rug designer. Barack Obama and Wills and Kate have one of your creations adorning their homes. 
You're looking for inspiration for your next collection. 
At home, you get the builders in to add electricity to an outhouse so the kids can play table tennis. As the builder digs a trench he hits something hard. It’s a 2000 year old Roman mosaic, naturally! 
All of this is true. The serendipity of a luxury rug designer discovering a 2000 year old luxury floor design is just crazy. 
I won the pitch to bring this amazing story to life.
The 10 minute documentary and short cuts live on YouTube, and through international press exposure picked up more than 250,000 organic views. 
Extracts and animation visualisations from the film were broadcast on Sky News, BBC news and many other news publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph and CNN. 
Director + Producer - Al Hutchison DoP - Dom Holland Editor - Al Hutchison VFX - Jack Brooks