Lush Spa Film

  • Hilary Kennedy
  • Tosh Fieldsend

Lush Digital approached Mill+ to create a series of unique and meditative visualisations to capture the multi sensory experience of a Lush Spa treatment. Before crafting the visuals, we studied and captured live sensory data from a Lush Spa treatment using R&D. Here we measured the response the mind and body had to a spa treatment, specifically changes in heart rate, brain activity, muscle movement, sense of touch and breathing. Iworked closely with Creative Director, Carl Addy, to conceptualise the look and feel of each response (heartbeat, brain activity etc.). For heartbeat, I focused on the beat of a pulsing heart isolated in time and space Lush from the rest of the body and visualised this with sonic ripples. If the heart rate accelerated the ripples would be more intense and if it relaxed they would be slower, calmer and wave-like in movement. For brain activity I focused on neuron receptors in the brain and how information is passed instantly through neural forests. Inspired by the artist Thierry Feuz’s ‘Psychotropical’ work we created a suspended neuron forest, illuminating and bursting with energy to suggest the movement of information.


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