• Zichen Yang

"Spread good taste." - Reintroduce the brand to millennials in America.

Short description
Grey Poupon, a French Dijon mustard, popular with over 55s people. Now it aims to reintroduce the brand to US-BASED consumer, specifically for millennials (between 25-42). However, in 1992, rap music, a US-BASED popular culture, already found the words ‘Grey Poupon’ then put this ingredient on the beat. As a result, Grey Poupon becomes one of the recognizable references in hip hop culture for 29 years. The latest example appeared on Thou Shall in the album The Allegory by Royce da 5’9”, also, at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, The Allegory received a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.
It is easy to see - the millennials, Hip Hop culture, US-based consumer perfectly coincides - in this case, the design will be focusing on hip hop music, reintroduce the brand to Americans, keep enduring features of the brand, articulates its enduring luxury of the brand.