MA Graphic Media Design – Graduate Show 2016

  • Rallou Mylona

Located in Elephant & Castle, the building of LCC is witness to a massive change and reformation. The local character is transforming from a formerly lively neighbourhood to a corporate area. The surrounding environment informed the narrative that was created around the exhibition, and defined the approach used to exhibit our diverse design-research projects. The green scaffolding refered to a construction site, reflecting on the gentrification process that the area was undergoing.  We built modular structures made out of scaffolding equipment, fabric and timber and hanged them from the ceiling. The semi-transparent dividers created small spaces for each research hub to display their work, and at the same time allowed the viewer to grasp an overview of the whole show.

A series of talks was organised to coincide the Show, which were hosted for the new MA Graphic Media Design students in order for them to meet influential practitioners from the field and get an insight into their practice.

Contemplating the current social and political situation worldwide, we invited four designers who are using design for good and their practice raises awareness contributing to social change.

Speakers: Tzortzis Rallis, Adriana Eysler, Charlie Waterhouse and Paul Hamilton.
Show team: Matteo Bisatto, Valeria Conti, Laurie Jackson, Rallou Mylona, Priyanka Poddar, Nadia Speranza
Photography: Ruhua Liu, Zheng Duan
Show Coordinators: Paul Bailey – Course Leader, Sophie Demay – Associate Lecturer
Visiting Architect: Tom Surman