Machiya House

  • Vitaly Caraush

A project completed for a London borough located in Royal Docks. The main concept for this project was to provide narrow housing units integrated with a chosen industry space (as seen below) and a retail area where the local small business owners would use to sell their goods.

Here are some rendered visualizations which represents Oysters harvesting industry. This industry doesn't require much equipment rather than oyster baskets that are installed below the water surface. For that a water canal had to be created which would connect the Royal Docks and River Thames. This provided the opportunity for a wakeboarding activity where my current neighbour has advised myslef that they will manufacture surfboards and all types of wakeboards.
In order to develop this design concept a facade elevation was produced to give the client the idea of space, volume and design.
A cut-through section has been produced to represent the movement within the space.
A front facade elevation was rendered to represent the width and site context.

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