• Steve Ives
  • Suzie Atkinson
  • Millie Proud

Proof of concept visual for MTNY live experience.

This job was a cracker and so much fun to work on. Madame Tussauds NY were putting together 'The Oval Office Scene' after the election result using live action performances and highly detailed masks. The Trump mask was made but they wanted to develop the scene. The brief was to have him signing an Executive Order and some videos on the desk and of course the nuclear button but beyond that I was free to come up with ideas.

Whilst drawing some key elements the proverbial light bulb went on in my head with 2 words 'Mars Attacks' Wouldn't it be fun to put Ivanka in that pose and dress from that films classic poster and change the design to Hammer and Sickles. The client ran with it.

The job took 3 days all told after various revisions and amendments. Originally I had the Rod Steiger Air Force General character having a wargasm over the Nuclear button, but this was considered a bit too much and so the whole scene was toned down a bit. I liked the kid with the Kremlin ice cream idea but that also didn't make the cut.


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