Make Life a Little Softer | Lotus Baby

Raising kids can be a handful, but the latest spot from Lotus Baby reminds us that babies can be bundles of joy as well as little troublemakers. Directed by Joshua Neale for Publicis Poke, this light-hearted clip follows a young father in his futile attempts to put a newborn to bed. Of course, it’s never as easy as it seems. To accompany the gentle struggle between man and miniature-force-of-nature, we produced an acoustic re-record of Verdi’s ‘Anvil Chorus’ — a rousing, operatic piece known for its uplifting refrain, usually backed by a cacophony of chiming metal. We reinvented the classical number as a delicate guitar composition, with soft strums and folky melodies redefining the chaos of childcare as something much more playful and cheery. It’s a fitting match for Lotus Baby’s mantra: “make life a little softer”.