MakeLoveNotPorn: the world's first user generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform, celebrating #realworldsex

  • Ariel Martinez
  • Cindy Gallop

MakeLoveNotPorn is Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference. We’re the world's first user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform, celebrating #realworldsex as a counterpoint to porn, with the aim of socializing sex - making it easier for everyone to talk about, in order to promote good sexual values and good sexual behavior. We’re what Facebook would be if Facebook allowed everyone to socially sexually self-identify and self-express (which sadly, they don’t).

MLNP's Mission

We're socializing sex to make it easier to talk about, in order to promote good sexual values and behavior. With the added benefit of a revenue-sharing business model - everything our members pay to subscribe and stream videos is split 50/50 with our contributors, or MakeLoveNotPornstars. In the era of #metoo, everyone's talking about consent, but nobody knows what it actually looks like in bed: every single video on MLNP from our amazing MakeLoveNotPornstars is a demonstration of consent, good sexual values, good sexual behavior in action. We're the Social Sex Revolution: the revolutionary part isn't the sex, but the social.

Further info on MLNP

MLNP is for everyone and anyone.
You can watch our #realworldsex videos, and you can share your own #realworldsex videos. But it’s fine to just watch - sharing is not obligatory! We have members and contributors - MakeLoveNotPornstars - of every age, gender, race, sexuality from countries all around the world. As long as you’re 18 years old and over, anyone can be a member, and anyone can submit videos.
What is MLNP for?
Our videos aren’t just there to turn you on (although you’ll find they do a very good job of that!). Based on the feedback our wonderful members send us every day: MLNP inspires you (male member on our #metime videos: “I realized I could be having a whole lot more fun masturbating!”), gives you new ideas for your own sex life, expands your sexual repertoire, improves your sexual technique (MakeLickjobLoveNotPorn, anyone?), sparks revelatory conversations between partners, saves marriages by re-igniting sexual desire, and has even helped you conceive!
What’s the difference between porn and MLNP?
Porn is performative, manufactured entertainment. If porn is the Hollywood blockbuster movie, MLNP is the documentary. Social sex on MLNP is simply about doing what we all do on social platforms - capturing what goes on in the real world, spontaneously, as it happens, in all its funny, messy, glorious, wonderful, awkward, comical, beautiful humanness, and sharing it so we can all be entertained, inspired, moved, surprised, delighted, and learn from it.
How does MLNP work?
MLNP operates a revenue sharing business model Members pay to rent and stream our social sex videos, and we split those payments 50/50 with our MakeLoveNotPornstars. You can rent each video for three weeks’ unlimited viewing, on a per video basis at $5 per video; you can take out a $10 MakeMonthlyLoveNotPorn subscription for five videos per month; or you can take out a $30 MakeDailyLoveNotPorn subscription for one video a day - thirty videos per month.