male gaze

  • Kasey Halbleib

spurring off of the emotions of anger, fear and lack of trust towards our current state of politics came this series of pieces. the objectification and commodification of women’s bodies has been constantly on my mind. but the threat of reproductive rights being taken away really stirred it up more than ever. the constant control and stronghold white, cis, straight males have in power and the actions they have taken towards putting down anyone who doesn’t identify the same as them is the so outdated and needs to be changed. the male gaze is responsible for so many toxic pressures in women’s lives and for anyone who identifies as a woman. from diet culture, to media pressure to look and be a certain way, to the patronizing language that has become all too common, hell, even to the creation of bras. it’s all from the male gaze, and this series spiraled off of wanting to push back on that.