Manifesto of Me

  • Vanessa Mountain

A one week university project in which we were tasked to create a concertina book exploring identity. Prior to writing our dissertation's it was an exercise to get us thinking about our career and life goals, as well as defining it into a particular area of practice.

- Tell us, visually who you are and what you are all about. It much be your own original imagery.
- It must be 9 frames A6 (landscape). *To make it close properly I added an extra page.
- The concertina must have a vertical direction.

Who am I?
Where do I come from? (England/Philippines). *The symbols are traditional tribal patterns.
What do I do? (Illustrate, Design, Drink Coffee).
What do I believe? (Ikigai, Eclecticism, Focusing on Mental Health/Wellbeing).
What am I passionate about? (Food/Vegetarianism, Martial Arts, Curiosities).
What am I good at? (Photography, Illustration).
What are my skills? (Illustrating).
What do I want to do? (Travel the World Documenting/Creating Things).
Who do you want to be? (Confident, Self-Sufficient, Happy).

*I studied iaido and kenjutsu for a while.