• Jeann Kembangkhana

ManifesTrack provides life-changing meditations, affirmations and astrology guidance. We serve international users from a diverse race, who are interested in health, wellness and community connection. These users want to learn how to manifest and live life more abdundantly. They need guidance to manifest their desires, and connect more with their selves. The creation of ManifesTrack branding for me is to create three main colours and logo that specifically embodies ManifesTrack — meditation, affirmation and astrology guidance. I want to create a universal language for the brand, I want to create a modern space for people to come here and experience ManifesTrack, therefore, the shapes and colours are universal and genderless. I also want to point out that I stray away from the stereotype visual language of ‘spiritualism’ or ‘astrology’ due to the stereotype images only serve a certain type of people whereas the brand’s purpose is to serve people universally.

Ideation & Experiments

Brand Architecture & Stylescape

Brand Architecture