The Challenge:
    We were presented with the challenge of creating a e-commerce platform which distributed independent lifestyle, homeware and fashion products from Europe and America to Asia.
    What We Did:
    We assembled a research team that was led by Mohammed Patel to oversee the background research of the project. This team was in charge of finding similar e-commerce platforms, trialling product sales and market testing. This allowed for a thorough background analysis of the project to iron out any weaknesses that had been brought forward.
    A branding, buying and design team led by Aaron Vale focused on elements such as naming, logo design, branding and website design. With Aaron’s previous experience in the fashion marketplace and Mohammed’s previous work within the fashion industry they spearheaded the buying for the platform to make it a truly unique platform.
    Omosalewa Fawehinimi was in charge of the Development team for the website as well as content creation, social media management and marketing. This would marry and finalise the projects wholeness to generate awareness and sales within the Asian market.
    The Effects:
    The mannase project launched in January 2018 with a total of 20 brands and over 200 products. A careful selection of independent brands had been chosen from furniture to menswear and womenswear clothing. On working with Arieum London, Creative Director, Mohammed Patel said “the process of buying for Mannase was one which was carefully considered. We ultimately set out to create a roster of independent brands which would benefit from the direction we wanted the platform to go in, Mannase is a platform for independent designers and therefore we wanted to stay true to this when making our buying selection” 
    The main aim of the platform was to create a platform of independent brands within Europe and America and distribute and market the platform within the Asian market. This was achieved with 85% of sales on Mannase are from the Asian Market. Additionally all marketing efforts were placed within the Asian market to further increase brand awareness and engagement. 


    Working with the branding team we were able to create a range of slogans and branded content for both advertising and marketing to further enhance reach and engagement for the launch of the brand.
    The branding team focused on logo design, packaging and had a large input on the final website design which would dictate the overall feel and look of Mannase.

    Content and Buying 

    Our development team worked on creating a range of content that would be used both to entice Buyers but also to be used as Marketing collateral. We were able to team up with influencers and fashion industry leaders to work on a curated series. This series focused on independent brands and further enhanced the engagement and awareness of the platform. Creating a overall traction of 1.2 million.
    Additionally product buying ensured a total of 20 independent brands on the platform. our team sourced brands from Belgium, London, LA and many more places. 

    Advertising & Marketing 

    The advertising and marketing team had a difficult task ahead of them. The aim was to market in the Asian market and create brand awareness and generate sales. Through our research team we were able to gather enough data to pass on to the marketing team to discuss the most effective marketing strategies to increase sales and awareness. 
    We were able to create a efficient distribution network and ultimately achieve a 85% sale rate from the Asian Market. 

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