Marecky - Toten Rap (MUSIC VIDEO)

  • Keyvan Le Roux
  • Nikta Mohammadi
This music video was produced to accompany the song Toten Rap by the polish rapper MarecKY. The theme of the video echoes the theme of the lyrics which is, in a few words, how MarecKY became MarecKY. In the video we follow the path that brought him from his dreamy childhood to following his passion and becoming a rapper. His teenage-self is in his room nurturing his creative mind by listening to some of the music that inspires him, writing lyrics. While this is displayed, we also follow grown-up MarecKY rapping 'around the block'. ‘Time’ is an important theme in the video — crucial times of his childhood, how time can have a different value, the time that this rap needs to be heard — and the use of slow motion emphasises that. At the end of the video, he unites with his child-self in his old room.
The video was shot entirely on my own gear, Sony A7s camera and DJI phantom 4 drone — for the aerial shots. Working on a limited budget, I was bound to accomplish this project with a very minimal crew and took charge of filming, editing, and colour grading of the video myself. The final product was to the client’s taste and got the artist attention on social media.
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