Marine Utility x COS

  • Katie Wickham

Marine Utility x COS is an Autumn/Winter collection for 2021, inspired by the clothing worn by fishermen throughout time. It utilises an aesthetically simplistic utility-style silhouette. The traditional fisherman's Gansey has inspired the knitwear within the collection, along with the structures of fishing nets. The overall feel of the collection is that it is quite 'masculine', as it is inspired by the fishermen and the industrial style clothes they wear to work. The collection's muse, Guenivere van Seenus, is the epitome of androgynous chic with her 'tomboy' aesthetic and often simplistic styling. The garments in the collection use clever tailoring inspired by COS in order to look simple, but are in fact cleverly constructed. The collection primarily uses natural fibres such as wool and linen to mirror historic fishermen's attire, with Polyester scuba and ripstop Nylon juxtaposing this to reference the more modern fishermen's clothing. Layering forms the backbone of the collection, inspired by the fishermen's necessary layering of garments to keep warm when out at sea. Soft knitwear contrasts with sharp tailoring to give the collection a unique aesthetic, creating practical utility style outfits with a fashion focus in line with the COS aesthetic.