Marketing & Brand Design Sprinklr

  • Daniel Millyard

Designing for Sprinklr was a unique opportunity to be creative and playful with branding. The company is constantly finding new ways to appeal to companies in almost every industry. Working directly with members of the global sales team I explored, developed and designed a variety of personalised marketing material that showcased what partnerships with Sprinklr and prospective clients could look like. Projects ranged from unique Sprinklr gift cards for potential partners such as Lego, Unilever and Transport For London, to promotional boarding passes sent to airlines such as Ryanair and Qatar; or higher education prospectus styled product books, for universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. These projects were an interesting challenge from a design perspective requiring Sprinklr’s branding to stay true to itself, while also sharing the styling and characteristics of the intended brands. In addition to designing creative for marketing I also worked with Sprinklr’s UK facilities team and Global Head of Workplace to design branding for the London office which included posters for print as well as standard and seasonal welcome screens for the reception area. Part of my role on Sprinklr’s in house design team involved the daily design of social media posts. Working in tandem with the New York design team and under the supervision of Sprinklr’s social media managers; we built templates that allowed us to quickly and effectively design social media posts within minutes, while maintaining a consistent design language and colour scheme across all posts on all platforms.