Marlborough Road - Residential project

This expansive Victorian end of terrace home was in need of significant alterations to better integrate previous extensions that had been carried out. We gutted the interiors, reconfigured the space, and added a new extension to the rear, side and front, with bespoke internal features and joinery to fully utilise every room. Our clients were looking to create a calm, light-filled space, so the cool colour palette and select choice of materials achieves the finish they desired. In the open plan ground floor kitchen, a floating Douglas fir bench extends along the length of the back wall, which provides a built-in seating area, focal point for the room, and base for an inset slate hearth. In the master suite, a new dormer extension opens the room up from the eaves to the ridge, with a striking pitched ceiling that allows skylights to flood the space with light, creating a connected and dynamic atmosphere.