Massive Cinema x Rocks

  • Jesse Julien / OUIME

Leading design and art direction for the Massive Cinema x Rocks branding and marketing campaign with Studio Moross. Massive launched previews of the incredible new film Rocks ahead of its official release this year at Everyman Cinemas. Initially it was pitched as very much ‘guardian reading indie at the moment!’ which is not surprising for such a heavily layered and down to earth movie. But the clients focus was to pull more from the complexities within the film and capture the essence of positivity, friendship and creativity that comes alongside grisly life experiences.

Watching film I was struck by nostalgia and used this as inspiration for the branding. Inspired by the skl grl sketches we all know and love - I used a mix of colours, photos, stickers and hand-drawn doodles & lettering to construct a wide package of graphic assets, design themes and templates to create collaged content for the campaign. Always fresh and playful. These were applied throughout the campaign in different forms of promotional material such as teasers, trailers, flyers, posters, billboards, tickets and merchandise including stickers, tote bags and face masks.