Master Mono Darkroom on Just Got Made

custom built darkroom in leafy De Beauvoir Town

London, South East

Art, Photography & Film, Print

Commissions, Individuals, Large Businesses, Small Businesses, Students

Photography, Photography - alternative processes, Photography - analogue print & process, Photography - Darkroom

Master Mono is a custom-built Darkroom in leafy De Beauvoir (London), offering Black & White Film Processing and Printing Lab, retouching, toning,
colouring & workshops. Master Mono is owned by Melvin Cambettie Davies, a leading light in photographic toning and fine art printing with over 50 years experience in the industry. Melvin’s real passion is printing from any type of film including glass plate negatives dating back to the 1890’s, toning and enhancing the images in his inimitable way. Clients are welcome in the darkroom to discuss their work and the best way to produce their images.

We offer weekend workshops in silver gelatin printing as well as:
Processing Films – All types
Test Strips and Contacting
Printing by Hand on Fibre papers & Resin Coated Papers
Printing from Glass plate negatives up to size 12?x10?
Double Printing & Treble Printing
Split Printing & Lith Printing
Portfolio/Exhibition/Archival Prints
Internegs & Copy Negatives
Photo Toning/Hand Colouring/Retouching

Melvin’s workshops are limited to 2 students per day so can be catered to any ability from beginner upwards, each day can be adjusted to your needs, allowing more time for discussions and one-on-one guidance.