• Katie Marcus
  • Yemi Thompson
  • Mollie-Anne Nathan
  • Katie Campbell
  • Anna Jamieson
  • Martin Begg
As Mastered’s head of design, I saw the company grow from six to 80 staff members and their online courses for fashion professionals go from on-demand video content to year-long accelerators incorporating industry-first mentorship, expert feedback and live events.
I led on concepting, designing and delivering each iteration of the product: making product and service decisions through user and business needs then delivering features with a lean, measurable, value-driven approach. We were incredibly close to our customers and conducted user research in a variety of ways to get insight on their needs and behaviours.
I managed a small design team, oversaw design direction and championed design thinking across the company, collaborating closely with leaders in marketing, sales, CX and production.

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