Mavele Swimwear

  • Noma Humphrey
Mavele is a confident, unapologetically trend-aware swimwear brand with a spirited, bohemian feel. Fresh, fun and accessible, their pieces strike a chord with women wanting to channel the appeal of their favourite influencers without paying luxury prices. The British brand approaches swimwear like a true fast fashion item rather a seasonal necessity.
Popular in the UK, US and the Middle East, Mavele swimwear continues to expand, tapping into the energy of an ever-ready audience.
I was asked to help communicate the brand's sensibility to their growing number of youthful, social media-savvy customers. This included static site content like About page text and inspirational introductions of the founders. In addition I started their blog, contributing the initial posts that will set the tone and mood for an accurate portrayal of their message. This new narrative will be built upon to increase awareness, engagement and ultimately revenue.

Images: Mavele
About Karen
As a fashion-lover and a self-confessed water baby, swimwear design was always on the cards! It wasn’t difficult for me to connect the dots between my passion for fashion and my knack for business either. Mavele allows me to indulge in my favourite things while empowering like-minded, modern women with perfectly-fitting luxury swimwear they can afford! We create gorgeous, confidence-boosting pieces with versatile styling that goes from the pool to the party. What could be better?

About Barbara
Coming from a long line of artists means creativity is in my blood. I believe the female form is the most beautiful canvas an artist could hope for, so I chose fashion as my medium and swimwear as my paint! Mavele designs reflect my indulgent, adventurous approach to life and my African roots - colourful and courageous, with a good dose of glam! In the Southern African language of Ndebele, Mavele means ‘Reveal your beauty with confidence’ and that’s exactly the spirit we intend to share!

Mavele Swimwear
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