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WeAreBrain has worked with Maxeda since our inception and over the years we have produced a number of successful products and projects together. Maxeda desired to launch an all new improved loyalty program. How could Maxeda help customers throughout their DIY journey? Personalisation was the key word. The benefits of the program had to be personal, relevant and helpful.


We developed the Maxeda app to be the main portal to the Praxis Plus and Brico loyalty program, where customers will receive a host of loyalty benefits, including the use of digital cards, the latest promotions and personal discounts. WeAreBrain took on the task of completely rebuilding the app from the ground up, affording us the opportunity to pack it with a new CMS, boosted by the latest software. We improved the UX and UI and redesigned the look and feel to give users a highly enjoyable experience. The Praxis appis build for both Android and iOS platforms (iOS — native (language swift), Android — native language Kotlin)


After the successful launch in March, the app has been installed on more than 500.000 devices. The iOS app rates in the App Store with an astounding 4.6 stars.

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