Mayvera Wellness

  • Jeann Kembangkhana

Mayvera Wellness is a service providing self-transforming therapy for young girls and women looking to overcome negative experiences. Mayvera Wellness offers services for all ages including signature events, community courses, wellness programmes, and therapy services. Team : Equilateral Studio

Logo Design

Our branding design for Mayvera Wellness started off from the logo design which is a transformation of Butterfly. The caterpillar was made a focal point because it is the first step in the process. The shape of the caterpillar then leads the eye gradually into the butterfly, just as the process of the metamorphosis and self-transformation would be. The coloured circles tell a story of how all aspects of life are connected and how they hold a huge part in transformation and change.
Mayvera Wellness' colour palette represents an uplifting and calming spirit as well as the energising and empowering soul. Which embodies Mayvera Wellness' very heart and soul, the colour of Mayvera Wellness is designed to celebrate women of all ages with an uplifting and empowering note. Mayvera Wellness' brand assets are designed specifically to target different age groups. If the events and services are crossed over between the ages, then it is appropriate to mix the colours together.