Mel & Sue

Live daily on ITV, at 4pm, from 12th January. Mel and Sue are back with their first live chat show in sixteen years!
Warm, funny, and uplifting, each show will feature two celebrity guests, a real cook (rather than a TV chef), and a studio audience including surprise experts, unsung heroes, and topical characters.

Celebrity guests will join Mel and Sue on the sofa for a cup of tea and a chat, and will be invited to stay around until the end of the show. A different cook each day will join us to share their passion for cooking, and show us how to make an amazing recipe, which the guests will be invited to try.

The show is inclusive. The studio audience will participate in the show throughout - and will be asked to come with their opinions, their advice, and their funny anecdotes. And the audience at home will also be welcome to get in touch, both online, and by post.