Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center - Head & Neck Cancer

  • Tori Curtis

Head and neck cancer can be a devastating disease. Before diagnosis, it is so easy for us to take the simple, every-day things we do for granted – like eating, drinking, or, showing our loved ones how much we care with a gentle kiss. This spot illustrates the powerful impact head and neck cancers can have on these simple actions. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center commissioned the spot via Pentagram Design. The aim is to raise awareness of Head & Neck cancers with the hope of increasing early diagnosis and treatment, mitigating the life changing symptoms. Kong studio lovingly brought Todd Selby’s naïve yet haunting hand panted images to life with pain-stacking attention to detail. The subtle boil and movement techniques developed specifically for this spot breathes life into the sad starring faces, enhancing the foreboding of the narrative, which is sensitively voiced by Pentagram’s own Ashley Johnson.

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