Mennance '17 & '18 Campaign Images

  • Ola J. Adeyemi

These images below have been used by Mennace (Missguided menswear) brand to initially launch the brand in 2017 and reinforce their market share in 2018 for thier1st and 2nd campaigns the images are a combination of both years campaigns in no particular order. These images give an insight into how the brand was marketing their products and how they intended to be perceived by their ideal customers. These images have been used in print and digital form on London Underground Stations, Westfield's, Billboards across the UK including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Newcastle. They have been used in partnership with JD Sports, on, on social media platforms, (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Others) for product promotion, social and sales campaigns.

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