Mercedes-Benz: Chronicles of Narnia

  • Alexander Meinhardt
Mercedes-Benz and Disney came together to promote the Viano family MPV and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We were asked to create something that families could explore and share together; a fantastic imaginary world filled with colour and adventure, with glimpses of Mercedes-Benz cleverly sewn in. It had to be the 'web wide world of Mercedes-Benz and Disney'.Six months of highly complex animation work created authentic 3-D landscapes, plug-ins and special effects, in which users navigated a Narnia fantasy world in the new Mercedes-Benz, experiencing magical adventures along the way. After an archery lesson, you can give someone a knighthood, challenge the Narnians to an ear-wiggling contest, play games, watch the trailer and take a glimpse into the future by looking around the car.The campaign has delivered almost 6,000 qualified car leads in six months. 101,537 visitors have spent more than five minutes on the site. This campaign won 19 awards in total. It was nominated at the ADC and at the New York Festivals Innovative Advertising Awards, for Best Consumer Targeted Website, Best Design, Best Use of Music/Sound and Online Advertising.