• Sarah Bryant
Meri Media is a creative agency with a new approach to digital content marketing. Approaching digital content marketing from a universal perspective, creating high-definition, interactive content for use across physical and digital points of sale in order to create and unify communications content strategies for luxury brands and media organisation.

During my time at the agency I gained key professional communications and project management skills – while also offering assistance for in-house digital publication POSTmatter. This being the world’s first independently published magazine exclusively for the iPad. (

Meri Media is a progressive agency working directly with luxury brands developing immersive consumer experiences within interactive platforms, specialising within digital media and campaign creation. This involved constant coordination, preparation and monitoring of all content across communication platforms from web to print, through to marketing initiatives in both written and visual formats. I supported all creative output in keeping with seasonal schedule, budget and strategy.

These were unique opportunities to assist a range of creative from art directors, stylists, editors, marketing and production teams from photography to film, grasping how these sectors collaborate in execution of a range of brand identities within creative briefs often in high-pressured environment. I have acted as main contact point for internal and external deliverables, maintaining a smooth running of company visual and written communications within client and account management in a cross functional environment.

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE TO CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Diary and schedule management, meeting and strategy reporting for management of creative process.

OFFICE & STUDIO MANAGEMENT: Providing support for all internal to external creatives for a transitional environment, using key problem solving skills and quality control dependent on agency and project needs. Account, budget and administration support for all vendors, managing expenses in line with guidelines.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Overseeing transit of workflow across campaign, digital and print collateral for clients such as Comme des Garcons, Stella McCartney and Lancome throughout in line with strategic brief and creative direction. Key projects and clients during my time were the Moving Six iPad application for CDG and working closely with Gucci group in securing a strong social media presence during the launch of Icons of Heritage campaign. Bottega Veneta, Purple Magazine, Stella McCartney. Digital media creation in the layout of creative ideas and visual content.

CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS & DIGITAL MARKETING : Digital media management including social media, online features through to editorial features for external publications and interactive advertisements.

PRODUCTION & EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE : Film and photography production assistance for external clients alongside internal productions for in-house digital publication POSTmatter for editorial features alongside onset styling.

CLIENT ACCOUNT LIAISON : Providing main point of contact in bridging the gap between agency and client. Inherent to the objectives of both, creatively communicating in delivering focused results during project. Maintaining key relationships and building a good rapport between creative teams.