• Andres Del Risco
  • Andrea Musso

With conversions in mind, Foundry Digital built a seamless and unique subscription model with an easy to manage backend to keep users updated on all relevant information, all on the easy-to-use Shopify platform. MESOA For Men is a growing skincare brand focused on men’s hygiene and wellbeing. Offering high quality products for the everyday man to feel his best, as well as contributing to the discourse of men’s mental health by speaking out, campaigning, and contributing to partners that focus on men’s mental well being.


Having already worked closely with MESOA For Men back in 2019 for their marketing campaigns, the MESOA team came to Foundry Digital Looking for a website refresh and wanting to add a subscription model to their shop.

Having well-rounded knowledge of the MESOA For Men brand, our designers were able to jump straight into the journeys and flows for the website as well as the new subscription model. Through extensive research, Foundry Digital put together a design to improve conversion goals and user experience, whilst adding emphasis to the new subscription area.

The MESOA For Men subscription area allows users to choose their subscription products and frequency, with an easy to manage account area that allows them to pause, cancel, or swap products at any time.

Not wanting to stray away from the MESOA For Men branding, Foundry Digital looked to implement a more modern look with easier usability to encourage users to further browse the website. Colours were used in a bolder way in order to create more of an impact, as well as a unique user experience.

With conversions in mind, Foundry Digital further implemented more seamless functionality in every step of the journey. From landing on the homepage to the complete checkout process.

The MESOA For Men came together with a brand new built subscription model on a newly refreshed website, easy for users to navigate subscriptions and its features. With an easy to manage backend for the MESOA For Men team to keep content and subscriptions up to date for users.