Meta Search: You May Also Like

You May Also Like combines research on the lter bubble, physical explorations and a social search experiment in a short lm. This project is part of the yearlong research project Meta Search.
Applying predictability to human behavior can be dangerous, for the simple reason that our best moments are often the most unpredictable ones. Almost everyone is carrying a search engine in their pockets, surrounding
it with their own personal lter of knowledge and views on the world.
How can we access that personal lter and use it to take a di erent path?
I tried by asking someone on the street about his or her favorite spot in London and traveling to that place. Once there, I would ask another person what his
or her favorite spot is and travel there. This way, I am seeing London in a new way, using strangers as my search engine.

Team Credits

Lisa Mandemaker

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