Mexico Infrastructure Review

  • Ailette Xiomara Cordova Castro

Mexico Infrastructure Review is one of the publications I enjoy designing the most during my three years working in Mexico Business Publishing. The first edition was published in 2016; as a mid-designer, I was directed by the design director. However, this publication would mark considerable growth in my career because I was able to show my skills in data visualization by planing and creating with the help of the design director, the first company's infographic. By 2018 and 2019, I worked as a lead designer for this industry, directing de graphic-editorial process and managing the books' workflow and layouts, growing as a Senior designer.

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The advertising was obtained by either requesting it from the clients or created by MBP's design team from which I was part.
There is 5 type of advertisings divided by size, but their cost depends on their location within the book. Here are 12 advertisings that I pull together for three of the editions of Mexico Infrastructure review.
The spotlights aim to showcase a product or service and its characteristics. Therefore, it might contain an image or a series of pictures carefully selected accompanied of  editorial content.
Some of the photographs around these publications were taken by me and the Infrastructure team. Personally, I used a 50D or T5 Canon camera for the pictures I took. Here are the most representative photographs I took for the publications.
Infographics & Data Visualisation:
The infographics or data Visualisations were always data-oriented, with a message and content clear to its subject and reader; though-out for businessmen, CEO or manager. A broader explanation of each visualisation is found by clicking any of the images below.