• Paul Taggart

The world's first-ever microplastic test...

As the volume of microplastic in our bodies, food, and atmosphere grows, we launched microplastic.me - a global awareness campaign, informing audiences about how microplastic is formed, and how it can be reduced. With the campaign film depicting the dizzying POV journey of a microplastic particle, we invite audiences to take the world’s first-ever microplastic test.
Moviemaking… A look behind the scenes of the campaign film
Hands On… Collaborating with visual effects experts to bring the idea to life
Screen Time… Taking the world’s first-ever microplastic test
A Million to One... Decorating the microplasric test with virtual particles
Making Of... DOP James Medcraft captured the process behind the film's visual effects
  • EPICA Awards 2020 – Silver (Direction & Cinematography)
  • Creative Circle 2020 – Silver (Film Craft: Editing)
  • Kinsale Shark Awards 2020 – Bronze (Film Craft: Editing)

Agency: Fork Unstable Media GmbH Client: Merck Film Production: RadicalMedia Creative Director: Paul Taggart Senior Copywriter: Alexander Gradl Senior Concept: Laura Zabel Agency Producer: Lina Rieckel Art Director: René Zimmermann Art Director (film): Dan Maclagen Programmer: Martin Hein TPM: Siggi Förster Client Service Director: Carl-Jochen Reinhardt Motion Design: Marco Bergstein Director: Quentin van den Bossche Producer: Elliot Tagg Executive Producer: Emily Rudge Executive Producer: Ben Schneider DOP: James Medcraft Production Design: Emma Winter Sound Design: Machineshop Gaffer: Leopold Naessens 1st AC: Alex Bender Grip: Charlie Wall Editor: Ben Cornfield