Millennial Plague Type

  • ɐɹoᗡ ɐuu∀ ˥
The Millenial Plague Typeface

The lockdown in London happened in the same time as 36 days of type. Instead of panic buying and running up and down as a headless chicken I used this period to get inspiration from the disease and created a series of infected letters.

It come from the desire to create something that marks and gives a memory about this strange times. As being big on thinking about the 'bigger picture' I have this ongoing chat inside myself about where this is all going. What should I say to the graduates who ask for career advice. I'm not gonna lie I have no answer. But as a generic best approach I turned overthinking into doing.

I remember clearly about a story of a musician Ferenc Liszt who got into prison (out of mistake) and instead of letting himself down he learned a new language during his lockdown. In this sense I decided to learn something about my own graphical language how it can look like when I have zero commercial force on my neck.

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