Mind the Understanding Gap: The Value of Creative Freelancers

  • Mary-Alice Stack
  • Nicole Horgan

Our latest report calls attention to the range and contribution of creative freelancers in the UK, based on the economic, cultural and social value they generate.

Based on over 100 hours of interviews with creative freelancers across the UK conducted by Coventry University, the Mind the Understanding Gap: The Value of Creative Freelancers looks into the contribution of creative freelancers to the economic, societal and place-based impacts of the creative industries.

The report proposes a typology to better present the range of creative freelancers, the characteristics that define their business motivations, and their modes of working. These types are: ●       Creative Entrepreneurs ●       Creative Contributors ●       Creative Work-Life Balancers ●       Precarious Projecteers ●       Creative Ecologists ●       Community Creatives What type of creative freelancer are you?
This typology aims to help national government, creative and cultural sector institutions, and local place-based policy makers to build a policy environment that is better designed and funded to support, raise, and sustain the contribution made to place, economies, and culture by this critical workforce. The report outlines a number of policy implications and recommendations based on the typology.

What support do you need most as a creative freelancer?

Read the full report and join the conversation using the hashtag #FreelanceFutures.  

Head to the Creative United website to download the report: bit.ly/3gqhkwb

This report was made possible thanks to funding, logistics support and insight from Creative Industries Policy & Evidence Centre, the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Northumberland County Council, Coventry UK City of Culture 2021 and Warwick Institute for Employment Research.