MINDBODY - UK Advertising Campaign

  • Guy Hatton


US to UK, Health & Wellness


MINDBODY is a leading fitness and wellbeing brand in the US, and is growing fast in the UK, providing business management software to local small businesses in the wellness services industry. The MINDBODY app lets users discover, book and pay for all kinds of fitness, beauty and health services, from yoga and gyms to salons and spas.
Our challenge was to build brand awareness of the consumer app in the UK, which could be evidenced by increased consumer downloads and activity, whilst supporting the B2B sales team by increasing awareness within the local health and wellness business community.


We began by creating a set of ‘Tone of Voice Guidelines’ that translate all of the brand’s messaging to suit a UK audience. It was this tool that informed the strategy for the campaign itself.
As the campaign was intended for a 25-45 female London audience, our idea was to use the context around the adverts placement to connect with commuters by suggesting that classes and treatments booked with the MINDBODY app prepares them for anything their journey throws at them. The key was to tell light-hearted stories that capture the busy, ‘elbow-in-face’ situations commuters are in when they see the campaign, creating a welcome distraction from the routine commute for weary Londoners in desperate need of a gym class or beauty treatment.
Our campaign uses snippets of familiar commuter experiences, like jostling for space on a busy platform or trying to keep your balance standing up on a moving train, to highlight the opportunities for fitness, wellness and relaxation that MINDBODY can connect you with: ‘from yoga to gym classes, beauty treatments and bootcamps’. It’s also been designed to introduce MINDBODY’s bright and optimistic branding and personality to the UK market through its tone of voice and use of colour.
The campaign launches on 5th June.
“Clinic understands who we are, what we do, and what’s important to us, and has been instrumental in bringing this message to the UK.”
Amanda Patterson, Vice President of Marketing at MINDBODY