'Minimal' Installation

In this project I was tasked to create an installation interpreting the word 'minimal'.
The word ‘Minimal’ can be defined of that of simplicity. Considering this, I began looking at the most simple forms of communication. Focusing on morse code, I began experimenting with the morse code translation of the word minimal.
Working with the morse code translation, I began experimenting by creating a repeat pattern using adobe illustrator.
After creating my repeat pattern I then began layering the pattern onto photos I took of possible locations for our installation using adobe photoshop.
Inspired by artists suchas Refik Anadol and Ryoji Ikeda, I wanted to play with the idea of creating 3D space using data. Picking my location, I created a template for how I imagined the pattern to react with the space (below). Using two projectors, I planned to create an immersive space that showed a video of the morse code translation on the floor and walls.
Now that I had my rough concept, I began making the video in Final Cut Pro. Using templates I created using adobe illustator, I used a stop motion technique to create six different sequences of the morse code translation of minimal. Sticking to a strictly monotone colour pallete.
I commissioned a producer throgh a mutual friend to create a track for the installation. This track used the audio morse code translation of minimal to engage further with the viewers and add another layer of depth. This part of the editing process required me to match up each image with the adio so as the code moved in time with the track.
The final video sequence to be projected on the installation space. (below)
Stills from the final installtion space. (below)
I created a video to better demonstrate the installation in action.
I wanted to interpret the word ‘minimal’ in a very literal and modern way that carried a message of a need to not over-complicate but rather simplify. The focus was to bombared the viewer with a coded message of the theme. It is both right in front of the viewer and hidden.
As you enter the installation, both sight and sound is looped with a series of dots and dashes that has an almost brain-washed feel for the viewer. A projection of Morse code is presented with both a light sequence of the translated code. Over the top of the visual bombardment in an ambient track that has been developed and manipulated from the audio translation of the word ‘minimal’. This seeks to pull the viewer into a state of both confusion and fixation as they are unsure of what is being said.
The main aim of the installation was to play on ambiguity. By doing so, the viewer leaves the installa on wanting to know more.

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