• Beryl Wu

MISS MIAN is a place that welcome everyone who enjoys noodles. The noodles types range from East to West. Strong colour and fun type tells the story of a brand that is passionate about noodles and want to share this joy to everyone.

Miss Mian is a fun and joyful restaurant with an emphasis on noodles and quality ingredients, sourced from the UK’s most dedicated farmers and food producers. Miss Mian creates beautifully crafted dishes with a passion to delight and share the curiosity and love of delicious noodle dishes. With a very high level food quality but informal dining experience, Miss Mian is a place to laugh, explore and have a good time with friends. With these concepts in mind, the identity combined the elements from East and West in order to represent the diverse of the dishes and customers. The bold colours and solid shapes brings out the modern side of the restaurant, at the same time, the word ‘noodle’ is hand written in Mandarin which shows the beauty of hand made noodles.