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Miss Sarah - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

How long ‘til someone is gone, how long ‘til someone missing, how long ‘til dead?

A rusty old Ute clangs along the highway. Meanwhile, a girl sits in a sticky motel room, curtains drawn, counting the turns of the ceiling fan. When Mel’s best friend, Sarah, goes missing at a music festival she wonders if she is the only one really looking.

Inspired by true events, Miss Sarah looks at the deliberating nature of hope, focusing on the unseen victims of missing person cases, those left behind.

A Lynchian nightmare, a psychological thriller, one girl’s search for Sarah.

Director: Angus Wilkinson

Writer: Ella Cook

Designer: Becky-Dee Trevenen

Executive Producer: Rebecca Blake

Cast: Ella Cook, Jordan Gallaway, Lily Newbury-Freeman & Adam Trussell
Lighting Designer: Joshua Gadsby

Lighting Assistant: Ben Jacobs

Stage Manager: Kirsten Buckmaster

Producers: Rosemary & Bill Henderson and Merle Phillips

Thanks To:

Tamara Saffir, Hal Geller, Joe Law, London Lock & Safe, Simon Reeves, Ali Hodge, Smoke & Oakum Theatre, Pip Dracakis, Carissa Licciardello, Lexie Walker, Rebecca Keros, Ro Cook, Clare Fulton, Jim Kellar, Remi Slade-Cafferel, John Newman, Nicholas Adams-Dzierba, Mark Chamberlain, Lucy Sparkles, Matt Hartley, Laurine Croasdale, Sarie O'Brien, Krystal Sweedman, Debbie, Toni Lennard, Avril Newman, West Family, Upstage Youth Theatre, David & Helen Gengos, Andrew Cook, Fabian McCallum, Aunty Lizzie, Ellie Wilkinson, Peter Fotiadis, Kate Buckingham, Susan Abrahams, Jennifer and Peter Munroe, The Lee Family, Merritt Family, Tracey Steele, Alistair Macnaughton, Deborah Jefferies, Mrs J George, Sue Blake, M S Fotiadis, Alan Blake, Jeremy and Liz, Louise McDonald, Susanna Dowling, Lynn McCarroll, Jake Tilson, Emm Wiseman, Jean Lewis, Sara Brown, Sven Sorenson, Jessica Douglas, Jane Younghusband, Jenny Dawes, Patrick Cook, Margaret Lee, Linda Wallis, James Wilkinson, Janet Andrews, Nick Fury, Clare Powell, Ruth Ahyick, Kendy Drummand, Darcy Blake, Vanessa Blake, Peter & Jen Wilkinson

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