Retail Interior Design - Dubai

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FormRoom were invited by girl-power fashion brand Missguided to design and build several schemes for their latest store launch.

Missguided made a high-impact debut in Dubai with this playful store experience, which leveraged their hugely successful social media channel with Instagrammable moments at every turn.

Today, stores need to tell stories. FormRoom built a highly visual and immediately shareable store experience for this fiercely forward-thinking brand. With customer experience, social influence and in-store branding at the forefront, customers were showered in a oasis of pink blossoms and plush furniture.

As Millennials and Gen-Z customers were undeniably a focus, we drew design inspiration from online trends, closing the gap between online and physical spaces. We created a series of striking in-store schemes that offered more to entertain, delight and inspire customers.

Going beyond the aesthetics, the store experience created a deeper connection and sense of ‘brand love’ to a notoriously experience loving demographic.

We designed and produced a 4m bespoke cherry blossom with plush pink upholstered seating wrapping the trunk and rose gold detailing at the base.

A LED-lit heart and Missguided badge is carved in the hand-painted trunk. Adding to the experience, customers were invited to take glitter tubes, heart candy and motivational cards hanging from the tree.
Working closely with the Missguided VM team, we handcrafted a series of vintage ‘dream phones’ encrusted in pink disco ball tiles. On answer, each phone plays a variety of aspirational recordings by the Missguided team.

The signature Missguided fragrance was brought to life with large powder coated oil drums along with tongue-in-cheek signage throughout the store.

A secondary installation combined a large rug etched with the Missguided mantra and a pink velvet, lip sofa – a conceptual take on a pout. The seating featured ‘have a seat babe’ laser embroidered for the sought-after photo op.
Now more than ever, brands need to think beyond separating online and physical customer journeys. Instead, create brand experiences which leverages the advantages of both channels because that’s how the next generation of customers behave. Read more about brand experience in our latest blog: The Most Instagrammable Retail Design.