Misstache for Movember Aussie Hair

  • Ellen Wright
BRIEF The brief was open to anything. The task was to get people talking about Aussie again for being a cool brand with a point of view in a refreshing unconventional way.

INSIGHT Aussie smells so good, that once you wash your hair with it you’ll find yourself smelling it all day long. And it’s not just you who can’t stop smelling it, everyone around you will want a sniff too.

IDEA Introducing MISSTACHES. A lock of hair placed under the nose to form a female moustache (yes, a female moustache). An existing untapped behavior which Aussie will own.

PARTNERSHIP #MISSTACHE for #MOVEMBER. Before Aussie, no female brand had ever become and official partner of Movember. This was a great opportunity for Aussie to bring to life their brand philosophy - ‘there’s more to life than hair but it’s a good place to start’ - in a fun and engaging way to create awareness for a very serious cause - men’s health.