Mistaker Maker | Rebrand

  • João Miranda

Mistaker Maker is the brush in the artist's hand. Mistaker Maker is a platform for artistic intervention, whose mission and main objectives are: promote actively and creatively the production and promotion of exercises of contemporary art in all its (new) forms of expression; stimulate informally, by exploring new paths in the production of content, integration of heterogeneous public, seeking strengthening of critical mass and the creation, not only of new artistic products, as well as the growing of economic, social and cultural value.​​​​​​​

Concept: The maker's tool.
Boiling down the wide spectrum of work MM does and the range of artists they work with into a single-minded and strong concept was an interesting process that led to the idea of Mistaker Maker as the tool that allows street art to happen.​​​​​​​
Full case study here.