Fintech company Mltpl, known for its remarkable use of AI in business valuation and financial reporting, approached us with the task of developing an identity for their B2B brand without falling into the aesthetic tropes of the market. Instead, crafting a visual language that was equal parts engaging and accessible. Taking on the challenge, we found confidence in simplicity – pairing visual cues from the brand’s technical context with structural, smart systems. Utilising typography, colour and considered illustration to craft a brand that its audience would not only want to engage with but would remember. Developing an identity as comprehensive as Mltpl’s own practice, we continued to expand upon the brand’s digital presence, building bespoke applications, web-based guidelines and their website. Since its launch, Mltpl has found great success, so much so that our working relationship has evolved and strengthened – with In—Col developing the second phase of the identity and the brand’s virtual spaces.