Modern Rebels - Tools of Rebellion

  • Ashley Kirby
  • Vicky Grout

To celebrate the launch of the V&A’s exhibition, “You Say You Want A Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970” we created a digital campaign across a number of different platforms with the aim of engaging different age ranges from the V&A’s audience. The exhibition focuses on the five revolutionary years in the 60's when art, politics, music, counter-culture and violence exploded across the world. Throughout the exhibition the actions of activists and rebels feature prominently within the narrative of how they challenged and changed the status quo in the years following that revolutionary time. In order to make the exhibition relevant to a younger audience and to link the themes of the exhibition to contemporary issues we interviewed a group of modern day activists about their work and revolutionary methods. The films and interviews were housed on the V&A website and were accessed by clicking on floating tools of rebellion personal to each activist.

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