• Chongran Lu

Fashion Film

Iro Costello @iro.costello
Firda Amelia @firdamelia
Isabella Josephine Leon @isabellajosephineleon
Flynn Crowther @veronica_electronica
Sun Yichen @yichen__sun__
Zhao Wenqi @esther_zwq

Director:Lu Chongran @chong_ran
Cinematographer:Caitlin Keenan - Jones @caitlinkj_
Siddhi Dolas @siddhidolas
Koi Yu @xmyueey
Wan Shan @wanns214
Sun Yichen @yichen__sun__
Retoucher: Lu Chongran @chong_ran

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist:Dain Choi @soda_mua
Stylist:Lu Chongran @chong_ran
Styling Assistant:Firda Amelia @firdamelia
Editor:Lu Chongran @chong_ran

Costume Designers
Ahryun Kim @blaqqgirl
Angus Kramer @angus.kramer Kram
Emily Omesi @emilyomesi
Max Ma @maxueni0
Paris @gsuoxi
Zeyao Wei @kylawwwell

People getting along with each other is a process of energy exchanging. Lower energy people are easily attracted by higher energy people. All we need to do is keeping your own energy.

'Moksha' used shiny golden costumes, changing light, opening, and closing eyes to visualize energy. Dancing in the greenery park represents self-expression, love, and nature. The film used the conceptual cinema genre to present a historically surreal film style in featuring of out of order frame, dream-like states, and suspicious according to a research of historically experimental films.

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