"Momdog" Self Portrait Series

  • Ana Luísa Madeira

This is “Momdog”, a selfportrait series thought of and made during quarantine. This is me, feeling out of context, as many of us did. During this time me and my family fostered 4 baby dogs. One of them we ended up adopting - we now have 3 beautiful girls we couldn’t live without. I love these creatures more than words could say, they made me feel home, the true meaning of home. Meet Lexy Jane, Lira, Sunny and Gui. While for a lot of people quarantine meant not being able to go home, or being home was a bad thing, I was lucky enough to be able to come home, not live in a rush for a little while and spend some quality time with my family - these little ones included. "Saudade" is a Portuguese untranslatable word, when we miss someone, we say we have "saudades" of that person, I think this is quite poetic and I thought I'd share it here.