Monarchy's New Video for 'Dancing in the Corner' Will Tickle Your Loins

January 20, 2015

by Charlie Ambler

Production by La Monda Magazine with Press Rec.

Anna Perez Moya and Pere Vilaplana have really good bodies. I mean, this is pretty obvious—they're both professional dancers, which means they have to twist and spin and stretch for a living—but it's all I could think about while watching this video from English electronic duo Monarchy's upcoming album, Abnocto. Sitting in front of a screen as much as many of us do on a day-to-day basis, it's easy to forget that our bodies are not just conveyances for fingers and eyes, that they occupy physical space and can be beautiful in motion. But this video, all close-up shots of motion and exertion, makes you conscious of your own body—you can't do the things that they're doing, you can only watch and marvel, and maybe to a shuffling imitation if you're alone in your room. The song's not half bad either.