Monkey Business Los Angeles Projects, 2013-17

  • Saira Mac
My time with Monkey Business Images saw many overseas shoots, especially to LA, the home of great models and locations.
This content was created for iStock and Shutterstock amoungst other agencies. As more brands turn to stock libraries to lead advertising campaigns, the images in this sector have transformed themselves in the last decade from false to genuine in a big way. The challenge lies in producing content which is some what generic yet retains an authenticity. Casting has become diverse, locations are dynamic, styling is considered and real human interaction is vital to the image. In many ways, each shoot is an ad campaign within itself and the challenge as a photographer is constantly reworking and reframing key concepts such as ‘business’ and ‘lifestyle’ into the current visual trends of today.
Here's a look at some of my Photography and Art Direction from the various projects in LA over the course of my time with the company.


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