We were having talks with Mostowa about the displays order and catalogues during our analise. We came to a conclusion that they always generate costs, when we are not able to determine their amount precisely. We took it from the other way, it means: How to create an universal form, which is not generating costs and equally involves clients in the process of knowing the prepared catalogue. The tube being an amplification of our client visual identification became a part of catalogue. To create totality we delivered an authorial system editing the catalogue itself. Different for every occasion despite of one common thing considerably curbing the costs. Equally being so innovative, that it is not possible to confuse the display with any other.
From the very first it required an extra investment. Designing the tube we developed brand visual identification, which we used later to recognisable signs accenting the plate. The interior of the catalogue was made from characteristic material ‘synapsis’  - a synthetic paper, which after being rolled is not buckling itself and in the same it is able to have an esthetic form every time.


Jerzy Tchórzewski

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