mourning, march and celebration

  • Claire Zaniolo

Here is my first photo zine "mourning, march and celebration" with which I won the 2020 Dummies Fanzine contest for the festival Les Ondes Éphémères hosted by LE BAL, in Paris. The zine is available in a limited edition of 100 copies, all numbered and signed. The photos are taken in Brazil, England, and Paris between 2016 and 2020. In May 2020, the live footage of George Floyd's murder crystallized a harsh reality. As they went around the world, these videos have triggered an awakening, an outrage, an urge to scream. His death reinforced the legitimate fear that nothing can be taken for granted and that we must not stop the fight to make our voices and our suffering heard. The memory of these images is impossible to erase. Through my project "mourning, march and celebration", I wanted to try, in my own modest way, to heal these wounds which, if they bring us together for a while, often end up giving way to trauma. I wanted to remind people that my communities are also united in joy and in the celebration of ancestral or recent traditions and to pay tribute to their beauty, their strength, and their resilience. Dances, freestyles, carnivals, the ballroom scene, or simple moments of reunion on the beach are equally as much a part of us, in our plurality, as these moments of pain. For any inquiries: Publisher: Le Bal Books, France Dimensions: 8,07 x 11,02 inches Number of pages : 32 Number of copies : 100 Numbered and signed